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Worldwide Martial Fitness focuses on training clients away from the gym in their own home, garage, back garden or park.

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Sports Coaching
  • Boxing & Martial Arts

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Client Reviews

Read below some reviews from clients.


I was concerned that I'd be the biggest person in the gym and that I couldn’t do the exercise regimes and that you might be shocked about how unfit I was.  

Mike made me feel at ease, explained the journey other clients have had and that I'm no different to them when I struggled with exercises. Now I am hooked on the training and workouts and love my training sessions.

Jennifer Petrie - Manchester, UK
II just felt nervous about trying new exercises. I felt very unfit and was originally embarrassed about my lack of fitness. Mike made me feel very comfortable and at ease and made me realise I had nothing to worry about.

Although some workouts are tough we always get through them and there is nothing I'd like to stop.

Francesca Willows - Manchester, UK
Ray Williams
I thought I was too old to achieve my goals, and that I would injure my back and give up easy.

Mike's style of training really suits me I am converting fat to muscle getting stronger and leaner. and my core is stronger and my back pains have completely disappeared

Mike is a great motivator and his enthusiasm for getting results is infectious. I'm loving the training.

Ray Williams - Manchester, UK
I have been training with Mike for 15 months, he is helping me reach my goals and I notice the difference and all the hard work.  I feel healthier, fitter and a lot stronger. Training on my own I find hard, not because I am not determined but because I constantly need to be pushed. I can always do more than I think I can but need someone
telling me I can with Mike you get that motivation
The variability of exercises and how each session is different and unexpected is the great part of training with Mike.
Rebecca Charlton Yates - Spain

I wasn't huge but needed to loose the tubbiness. I was told about Mike and that he was the man for the job.
I fly back home to England on Sunday and I am going to miss this guy!!
His tough workouts and great personality. He has changed my life and I am no longer afraid to take off my shirt on the beach. I feel healthier and fitter and can enjoy my life without feeling conscious. Mike you have been amazing and become a great friend as well as trainer. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Going to miss this mate.

Simon Austin - Spain

I started training with Mike to lose weight and improve my self confidence, and through my workouts that has been achieved. Mike's workouts are great as I never know what he will bring to the sessions, and he always pushes me hard but also knows when I am at my limits. I can highly recommend Mike. 

Amanda Mazula - Nottingham

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