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fat loss 1

Without another ounce of hesitation, I present to you 5 not so obvious strategies to execute all unwanted fat.


By gut health, I am not referring to one’s belly hanging over his jeans. Gut health is a term that refers to how healthy your stomach, small, and large intestines are.

A person with a healthy gut can eat a wide variety of foods without abdominal pain, heartburn, or bloating. They are able to absorb nearly all nutrients consumed, have a lot of beneficial bacteria partying in their body, and are able to consistently poop soft logs of waste.

An individual with poor gut health experiences bloating, stomach pain, and has difficulty absorbing nutrients. They also have irregular bowel patterns, can’t taste food as well, and tend to have a worse mood. You don’t want this to be you.

So why is having an unhealthy gut bad for fat loss?

For a number of reasons. Here are the most important ones to be aware of.

  • Increased cravings: When gut health is poor, nutrient absorption is poor due to the bacteria makeup in your gut. With poor nutrient absorption your body wonders where all the nutrients are hiding, so it triggers a desire to eat more.

  • Not getting full sooner: Having poor gut health can cause chronic inflammation which interferes with the hormone leptin. When leptin is doing its job correctly it helps your body regulate calorie expenditure and sends signals telling you that you’re full.

  • Poor sleep: Having poor gut health not only messes with the hormone leptin, but many of the important sleep hormones to regulate deep sleep.

  • Making poor eating choices: The makeup of bacteria is correlated to the foods you choose and their taste. People with a healthy gut enjoy more nutritious foods and are more easily satisfied when eating less nutritious foods.

All of these reasons will greatly impact your fat loss efforts. With good gut health, you crave more nutritious foods, get full sooner, sleep better, and your stomach is able to handle a wide range of foods without pain which makes it easier to adhere to a nutrition plan with more choices.

You are literally what the health of your gut is. If you have a high ratio of bad bacteria in your gut, they will control what you crave and create chaos in your body. Have more good bacteria in your gut and you will enjoy nutritious foods a lot more.

Here’s how to improve the health of your gut, so you can lose more fat:

  • Aid your body in digestion: Chew your food a lot before swallowing and eat slower.

  • Bring in more good bacteria to the party: You can add more beneficial living bacteria from foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha tea.

  • Quit feeding the bad bacteria: I’m all for fitting in a few treats occasionally, but to improve your gut health, try to limit the consumption of processed foods.


We live in chaotic world where we have bills, deadlines, temptations, and protein scoops at the bottom of the tub. It’s rough and stress is inevitable. Not managing it correctly will lead to chronic stress which will negatively affect your mission to lose fat.

With chronic stress, you get surges of the hormone cortisol which hinders testosterone production, signals for more energy to be replenished (aka more cravings), and encourages the storage of fat. Now that’s a terrible recipe for any fat loss goal.

Here are some things you can do to better manage stress and increase your chances of burning fat.
  • Yoga or any form of mobility if you’re not into a group setting

  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for each night whether its beloved ones, friends, or barbells

  • Going for a daily walk outside to clear your mind

  • Try grounding by simply walking barefoot on grass while taking deep breaths

  • Remove toxic people in your life like that co-worker that always maliciously makes fun of your calf size

  • Spend time with close friends or call up one you haven’t talked to in awhile

  • Get more sleep


We can all admit that there have been points in our lives where our sleep was not prioritized. Those were terrible times and not a great approach to losing fat.

Yes, exercising burns calories and eating nutritious foods prevents us from going over our calories, but sleeping more is a strategy that can give you an edge to shredding more fat.


Because sleep makes everything you do in your fat loss quest more efficient.

Sleep increases recovery, controls cravings, gives you more energy, increases gym performance, helps with stress, and decreases the storage of fat. Good sleep will help get the body you’re looking for as well as increase your mood, so you’re not one of those grouchy dieters who’s deprived of energy.

Here’s a powerful sleeping game plan to give you the miraculous amounts of recovery needed to fight fat:

  • Aim for 7-8+ hours of sleep each night. Everyone is different and some might need more/less than others, but getting below 6 is not optimal for anyone

  • Sleep in a cave like environment. This means pitch dark room and cool temperature between 60-70 degrees

  • Have a journal to write down your worries, thoughts, concerns, and goals for the next day to clear your mind before bed

  • Turn off all electronics and devices 1 hour before bed because the blue light in them makes it more difficult for your body to shut off

  • Read a book before bed and for those saying that this doesn’t work, try reading something deeply boring to knock you out

  • Drink tea or take melatonin, if needed


While getting sunlight is not the main driver in your fat loss journey, it is hugely important if you want some extra results.

Getting early morning sunlight is responsible for aiding in a good metabolism, turning your body on, increasing energy, and help synchronize your body’s circadian rhythm which helps with overall mood.  All of these will make losing fat more efficient and more enjoyable.

Did I mention you’ll get a good dose of Vitamin D, as well? Many people are deficient in this all too important vitamin.

A good strategy is to take a walk early morning, do some grounding in the sun (shirtless if possible), or simply go outside before you start your day while sipping your morning brew.

If you start working before the sun rises like me, take a break from your computer when the sun comes up and walk outside to reap the benefits. Your waistline will thank you later.


This is one that many people would never guess as a fat loss strategy. Many people neglect stretching and foam rolling because they feel it’s pointless to their progress. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of the benefits of stretching and foam rolling is exactly what you need when losing fat.

Before I get into the many benefits, it’s important to know the best times to do this is right after a workout or on a rest day. A little bit each day can go long way.

Here’s why it’s the missing component to your fat loss quest.

  • Reduces soreness, which means more chance of you taking the stairs and not skipping workouts

  • Increases recovery, which means a better performance in the following workout. Over the course of a program this could mean many extra reps performed.

  • Less stress and better sleep, no more tightness in the hips, back, and shoulders which means deeper sleep

  • Less chance for injury, which is last thing we want when trying to aggressively torch fat

Stretching and foam rolling is the glue between everything. It reduces nagging aches and gives you better sleep which we’ve already discussed as a powerful strategy.

It also helps burns more calories indirectly because it increases overall activity, increases recovery, encourages you to move more without soreness restrictions, and allows you to perform better in your next workout.

Stretching and foam rolling is often neglected because it sucks at first jamming a roller into your pecs, but once consistently done it will give you results faster than you thought possible.

So there you go some tips to think about, see you in training.