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We all kind of envy Gwen Stefanie for her sexy and slim body. Well at least I do. I often wonder how a singer, a fashion designer and a busy mom of two does it. I am certain that maintaining a slim and fit body such as hers demands preparation, effort and commitment.
Mike Heatlie, Gwen Stefanie’s personal trainer, revealed to the British magazine “Closer” her very simple secret: Protein.

According to Mike, Gwen’s diet contains lots of protein. Her breakfast is usually an omelette or a protein shake. Her lunch and dinner meals consist of either chicken or fish with a selection of vegetables.

But how does protein help you slim down? The simple answer is protein keeps you full! While carbohydrates help satisfy hunger in the beginning, protein keeps you feeling full longer. A lot of great protein sources such as chicken, turkey, egg whites, soy, or dairy products like Greek yogurt are also relatively low in calories and fat. A protein rich diet therefore helps you to get rid of this “starving feeling” you know from other diets and at the same time your calorie intake will be reduced so it becomes much easier to lose these last few pounds you were holding on to for so long.

Does that on the other hand mean carbohydrates are bad for you? Well, kind of. In fact the average person in our modern world overindulges in carbohydrates almost every day. Take a look at your own nutrition. Did you have bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, or sweets today? I bet you have. While our body needs carbohydrates, commonly referred to as sugar, as an energy source, it unfortunately stores a lot of the unused supplies as fat. In most women it seems fat is stored in the arms and around the hips and lower buttocks. In men fat tend to take residence around their abdominal area.

Given the fact that most of us have a very sedentary lifestyle, overindulging tends to happen quite often and leads to overweight. So if you want to obtain that sexy, slim, toned body like Gwen Stefanie, let’s begin by substituting some of our daily carbohydrate sources for protein. Instead of having toast with strawberry jelly for breakfast, try an omelette with tomatoes. It’s just a matter of changing habits!

Be careful though! Although protein sources are definitely a good idea and a change in your sustenance will definitely help you lose body fat, it’s not the only thing you should do. Regular exercise is also a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle. So combine a diet that contains less carbohydrate and more protein, and implement an effective conventional workout routine to help you attain and maintain a great, toned, sexy Gwen Stefanie looking body.

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